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Tempered vacuum glass consists two panes of glasses which are separated by an array of supporting pillars
and welded together by glass at very low temperature .

Product Performance
Resistance to wind scale 9

The wind resistance performance of tempered vacuum glass is twice as much as insulating glass.

Sun protection

Tempered vacuum glass could reduce indoor glass temperature by 30℃, and nano-silver film could block infrared and ultraviolet. With these benefits family are kept away from air conditioning disease, and eyesight and skin are protected.

Sound insulation and noise reduction

ICESUN tempered vacuum glass sound insulation performance is 11 decibels better than conventional insulating glass.

Protect the eyes, protect the fetus

ICESUN'S electrostatic shielding tempered vacuum glass can convert electromagnetic wave absorption into heat energy, block electromagnetic wave outdoors and protect the healthy development of the fetus.

Suitable for various installation angles and elevations

Whether installed on the roof or in any other position, the insulation performance of tempered vacuum glass does not decrease with the change of installation angle.

Ultra-light & thin, invariant

Windows are not easy to droop and deform, and their service life is longer.


ICESUN Vauum Glass LTD. is a leading company who has been dedicated to manufacturing vacuum glass products for many years. And our main products: tempered vacuum glass, vacuum glass for buildings, vacuum solar composite glass, etc.



ICESUN tempered vacuum glass is more thermal insulation than the wall. Designers can design large
French windows and daylighting roofs to make art fly.