Main products: Tempered vacuum glass (TVG) for passive room, vacuum hollow composite glass for freezer,
vacuum laminated glass for curtain wall, vacuum solar composite glass.


Basic characteristics

ICESUN tempered vacuum glass consists two panes of tempered glasses which are separated by an array of supporting pillars and welded together by glass at very low temperature. Vacuum between glass is 10-4Pa, where the heat convection does not exist, the heat conduction drops to minimum, with the LOW-E layer reflecting more than 95% of the infrared radiation,  so the heat between the inner and outer glass plates can not be exchanged, and the excellent heat insulation effect is achieved. Our vacuum glazing size: maximum 3000 x2000 mm; minimum 200 x200 mm; thickness 6~20 mm.

Performance of Vacuum Glass

Technical parameters of Vacuum Glass

Performance of Vacuum Glass

Performance of Vacuum Glass

ICESUN tempered vacuum glass is cost-effective,compared with the world's best German triple insulating glazing.

The triple insulating glass in Germany contains two piece of silver LOW-E coating glass, the two hollow layers are filled with argon gas and sealed by natural rubber.The best central heat transfer coefficient can only reach 0.7.

Tempered vacuum glass is made of two pieces of silver LOW-E glass has a central heat transfer coefficient of 0.23.

The figures indicate that 12.4 mm thick tempered vacuum glass, insulation performance is 3 times as much as 32 mm thick German triple insulating glass.

The warranty of tempered vacuum glass is 50 years, and Germany's triple insulating glass maximum service life is 25 years.


Performance of Vacuum Glass

Basic technical features

Resistance to wind scale 9

The wind resistance performance of tempered vacuum glass is twice as much as insulating glass.Tempered vacuum glass is an ultra-thin material formed by the connection of two panes of tempered glass and titanium alloy under atmospheric pressure. It has high deformation resistance under the action of external force. Our industrial tempered vacuum glass technology improves its wind pressure resistance and strength, far better than ordinary vacuum glass and argon filled tempered LOW-E insulating glass.

Sun protection

Tempered vacuum glass could reduce indoor glass temperature by 30℃, and nano-silver film could block infrared and ultraviolet. With these benefits family are kept away from air conditioning disease, and eyesight and skin are protected.We did one test that ICESUN tempered vacuum glass was installed in the test room, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference was 100℃, the test lasted 385 days continuously, the tempered vacuum glass was intact without damage, the deformation was only 1%, and the ultra-high insulation performance remained unchanged. This shows that tempered vacuum glass could be used safely in any harsh environments.

Sound insulation and noise reduction

ICESUN tempered vacuum glass sound insulation performance is 11 decibels better than conventional insulating glass . The maximum sound insulation of tempered vacuum glass can reach 41 decibels. For different needs of users, we can compound hollow or glued glass to make super quiet transparent glass with strong sound insulation . Tempered vacuum glass keeps you away from noise hazards.

Protect the eyes, protect the fetus

Eyes are sensitive to ultraviolet rays which can cause itching, tears, photophobia, redness, and other symptoms, causing a variety of ophthalmic diseases.All aspects of our life are inseparable from electronic equipment, which brings us convenience and electromagnetic radiation. This kind of electromagnetic radiation is still within the tolerable range of adults, but there are some effects on the fetus in the pregnant mother. ICESUN's electrostatic shielding tempered vacuum glass can convert electromagnetic wave absorption into heat energy, block electromagnetic wave outdoors and protect the healthy development of the fetus.

Suitable for various installation angles and elevations

When the installation angle of the glass window is 30°, the insulation effect is reduced by 45%, and when the installation angle is 60 °, the insulation effect is reduced by 30%(the reason is that the distance from the hot side to the cold side becomes shorter when the installation angle becomes smaller). Whether installed on the roof or in any other position, the insulation performance of tempered vacuum glass does not decrease with the change of installation angle.

Ultra-light & thin, invariant

ICESUN 12.4mm tempered vacuum glass , compared with 20~50 mm conventional insulation glass is much lighter, which pose less pressure on structural frame materials, hardware components. Windows are not easy to droop and deform, and their service life is longer.