Main products: Tempered vacuum glass (TVG) for passive room, vacuum hollow composite glass for freezer,
vacuum laminated glass for curtain wall, vacuum solar composite glass.


Vacuum eye

We have solved this worldwide problem 15 years ago.We  set up this nail size vacuum eye at the corner of glass. When the internal vacuum is constant, the vacuum eye remains unchanged. When the vacuum degree drops, the vacuum eye becomes smaller. The vacuum degree disappears (when the vacuum glass leaks) and the vacuum eye disappears. The disappearance of vacuum eye indicates that the conduction and convection in the glass will increase greatly; it also indicates that the LOW-E film will soon oxidize and the radiation heat transfer will also increase greatly;  At present, only ICESUN vacuum glass products have vacuum eye design (Invention patents and trademarks are granted),which allow users  know the life of their windows at any time.)


Low temperature welding

The welding process of low temperature glass retains the toughness of tempered vacuum glass,and  the strength of glass is increased by 5 times. ICESUN tempered vacuum glass is tested in United States  and granted SGCC safety certification.


Long life, resistance to condensation

Aerospace grade welded glass and tempered glass are perfectly combined to block gas leakage.  50 years of high vacuum, the low radiation energy saving activity of nano-silver film is perfectly preserved, the air leakage of organic glue and metal edge is avoided, and the international problem of LOW-E glass oxidation failure is cured. by the US IGCC certification provement , Dew condensation only appears at -30℃.


Tempered vacuum glass for cars

Blocking infrared rays from entering the car windows, reducing the power consumption of air-conditioning under the sun exposure, the electric vehicle has a longer driving range.